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Fast Fashion Killer

Conceptual Practice


Artist Statement

My work is about inserting the plus woman back to the 80-00s era and aesthetic. To bring light to how the plus size body was never represented in contemporary magazines, tv shows, or movies, and when it was, society chose to demonetize it. To combat the negative views of the plus size body I chose to create various videos. Within my video series I showcase a fitting room scene, ( jazzercise,  cat walking, roller skating :located on website only).


My work also focuses on making clothing more accessible for plus size women while addressing the rise of fast fashion and how it hurts our environment and the workers behind it. All the clothing and jewelry within my magazine and video work is either handmade by me or second hand. I made each garment out of clothes given to me or fabrics and clothes I thrifted. This is important to me because I want to actively be concerned with the  use of fast fashion. 

I included the fitting room montage as a way to celebrate and show plus size bodies in a feminine way by being girly, laughing, dancing, and enjoying the fitting room process. When plus size bodies are shown within older movies, and even today, they are shown as less feminine and as the punching bag. I wanted to make the plus’s size body the main character who is loved and loves her body. I chose to create a lookbook to highlight  the lack of plus size representation in magazines throughout my childhood. I wanted to use this as a way to show that any body type belongs in the editorial world, while also using this as a way to deliver information about the clothing and jewelry used throughout the making of my work. Along with the look book  I created an in progress wall of photos to let the viewer see the thought progress that went into the making of the book.

Go check out more videos below! 
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